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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)


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Vinay Rasita

A Bioethical Perspective on Navigating Dementia Care

Alfawzan Najd

FemTech Ethics – An Empirical and Normative Analysis of FemTech and Women’s mHealth Apps

Gloeckler Sophie Treatment Decisions and Respect for Autonomy in the Face of Severe Illness in Contemporary Clinical Settings 2023
Gähwiler Roman What Doping has Taught us – Re-Defining the Role of Physicians in Sports Medicine 2023
Zürcher Tobias Towards a better understanding of the relevance of free will, authentic decision-making and the self in medical ethics 2023
Weidmann-Hügle Tatjana Integration der chronischen Lebenswirklichkeit in die klinische Ethik und Ethikberatung am Beispiel des Morbus Parkinson 2023
März Julian W. The Best Interests of the Child Principle and the Practice of Surrogacy in a Globalised World 2023
Bally-Zenger Christine Alt werden im Paradies» und der «Lebensabend in der Fremde 2022
Spitale Giovanni Ethical Dilemmas in the Time of COVID-19: mapping, understanding, building systemic resilience 2022
Tyebally Fang Mirriam A Mother in Today’s World. An Ethical Exploration of Modern Pregnancy and Postnatal Choices 2022
Yolanda Maria Chacon Gamez The impact of Parkinson’s disease and device-aided treatments on patients and family caregivers: A multimodal study 2022
Iqbal Jeffrey Regulation for the adoption of digital health technologies 2022
Rosca Ana Patient autonomy and quality of care 2021
Wang Ning Value Sensitive Innovation: Integrating Ethical Values in the Humanitarian Use of Drones 2021
Kapitza Thomas Das ethische Spannungsfeld zwischen Ökonomie und Patientenwohl in der akutstationär-klinischen Versorgung 2021
Wäscher Sebastian Scientific Responsibility. Theoretical and Empirical Considerations 2020
Streeck Nina Jedem seinen eigenen Tod. Die Frage nach dem guten Sterben 2020
Hodel Martina The Role of Palliative Care in Severe and Persistent Mental Illness 2019
Lopez Barreda Rodrigo Towards a deeper understanding of agency. Bridging the gap between clinical ethics and public health ethics 2019
Luyckx Valerie Ethical challenges relating to provision of sustainable renal care in resource limited settings. Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa 2019
Wyss-van den Berg Machteld Ethical Implications of Malaria Vaccine Development 2019
Eggel Matthias The Logic, Methodological and Practical Limitations in the Current Benefit Concept in the Harm-Benefit-Analysis. An Investigation in the Context of the EU Directive 2010/63 on the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes 2019
Robertson-Preidler Joelle Appropriate care: Framing a comprehensive approach to improving health care delivery 2019
Drewniak Daniel Migration, Ethnicity, and Inequities in Health Care. The Contribution of Health Care Providers 2017
Hendriks Manya J. At the Beginning and the End: End of Life Decision-Making for Extremely Preterm Infants 2017
Mouton Dorey Corine Reframing the Ethical Guidance for the Management of Large Patient Data Sets. An approach inspired by Ricœur’s ‘little ethics’ 2017
Ineichen Christian Clinical and ethical aspects of modulating behaviour and affect through Deep Brain Stimulation 2016
Alpynar Zümrüt Organ Selling, Human Dignity and its Violation: A Critical Assessment of the Role of Human Dignity in the Contemporary Debate on the Commercialization of Organs 2015
Hermann Helena Decision-Making Capacity: The Enigmatic Gatekeeper for Patients’ Right to Self-Determination 2015
Monteverde Settimio Pflegeethik – Theoretische Grundlagen und Handlungsfelder in Unterricht und Klinik 2015
Bastami Sohaila Ethical aspects of organ donation after cardiac death 2014
Clarinval Caroline Ethics in danger: decision-making during disasters 2014
Ott Regula Attitudes towards cognitive enhancement in Switzerland. An empirical-ethical approach 2014
Roduit Johann Living up to the ideal human. The role of the notion of perfection in the debate regarding the ethics of human enhancement 2014
Streuli Jürg C. Ethics and Clinical Practice of Disorders or Differences of Sex Development - From clash to collaboration 2014
Jin Pingyue Ethical implications of case-based payment in China 2013
Pfister Eliane Die Rolle der Ethik in der Gesundheitspolitik. Eine philosophisch-empirische Untersuchung anhand der DRG-Reform in der Schweiz 2012
Ganguli-Mitra Agomoni Exploitation and the Ethics of Globalized Clinical Trials 2011