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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME) Clinical Ethics Unit: Research

Advance Care Planning and Shared decision Making

As not only reflecting upon but promoting a rich and practical understanding of patients autonomy as assisted and relational autonomy are at the center of clinical ethics,  and shared decision making for current treatment decisions and  advance care planning are best practice models to “put autonomy into practice”, several research projects deal with these concepts since 2011.
Under the auspices of the NFP 67, the MAPS- Trial (Multiprofessional Advance care Planning and Shared Decision making) was funded as a randomized controlled trial to investigate the impact of highly skilled advance care planning on severely ill patients at the University Hospital and in Swiss Nursing homes. The Ministry of Health (BAG) and the Cantone of Zurich funded smaller Projects on ACP. There are ongoing research implementation and publication activities on ACP and SDM from these larger projects, finished in 2019, new funding search is currently underway. One ongoing research project, funded by the SAMW Palliative Care Research program investigates the concept of ACP and SDM on Patients with severe aortic valve stenosis, as part of the PhD and doctoral thesis projects of Ana Rosca and Niek Rogger. 
The Clinical ethics unit is further involved in international research and implementation projects on Shared decision making, including a larger German project on the implementation of an electronic decision aid on prostatic cancer (Project lead Prof. Johannes Huber, Dresden).

For publications please refer to Tanja Krones' reference list