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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME) Clinical Ethics Unit: Research

Human Reproduction reloaded

UFSP 3rd phase (start: January 2021)

As part of th strategic orientation of the research conducted at the University of Zurich, the University Research Priority Program (URPP) "Human Reproduction Reloaded" will explore, as of January 1, 2021 and for 8 years, the rapidly changing medical technology on human reproduction and its sociological, societal, ethical and legal implications. In particular, this interdisciplinary URPP seeks to understand and provide policy guidance on the societal impact and legal challenges of such technology. Moreover, it aims at exploring the aspirations, limitations, and ethical considerations of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Tanja Krones co-leads the UFSP, chaired by Prof. Andrea Büchler.

1. To research and analyze reproductive decisions: their legal, medical, and social prerequisites, contexts, and effects; their consequences for the individual person as well as for families and society; and their economic implications, technical-medical limitations, and normative assumptions. 
2. To pay particular attention to newer reproductive options, including egg freezing, genetic selection, germ cell donation, and gene editing. 
3. To contribute to a better understanding of the future challenges of reproduction, fostering meaningful conversations among stakeholders and the wider public that situates science and technological advances more clearly in the context of values and norms. 

  • Sub-project 1: Normativity of Human Reproduction (Prof. Dr. Ulrike Babusiaux / Prof. Dr. Thomas Gächter) 
  • Sub-project 2: Human Reproduction in Societies and Markets (Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ehlert / Prof. Dr. Katja Rost) 
  • Sub-project 3: Ethnography of Human Reproduction and Single Case Studies in Threshold Areas (Prof. Dr. Annuska Derks / Prof. Dr. Tanja Krones
  • HIGH-RISK Sub-project: CRISPR Technology in Human Reproduction – an Interdisciplinary Approach (Prof. Dr. Brigitte Leeners / Prof. Dr. Gerald Schwank) 
  • Empirical and Normative Knowledge and Data Centre (Prof. Dr. Andrea Büchler / Prof. Dr. Jörg Rössel) 
  • Leading Faculty: Faculty of Law; Other Faculties involved: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences | Faculty of Medicine | Faculty of Science | Faculty of Theology | Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics 
  • Project Management: Director: Prof. Dr. iur. Andrea Büchler – supported by Project Manager 
  • Executive Committee: Prof. Dr. Andrea Büchler, Prof. Dr. Katja Rost (Deputy Director), Prof. Dr. Ulrike Babusiaux, Prof. Dr. Tanja Krones, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Leeners, Assistant Professors URPP 
  • Assembly of Professors: 34 Professors 
  • 4 co-led Sub-projects | Empirical and Normative Knowledge and Data Centre 
  • Regular Research Colloquium and Summer Schools 
  • Support: Competence Centre Citizen Science Network: Competence Centre of Medicine–Ethics–Law Helvetiae (MERH) | Clinical Research Priority Program Praeclare | Digital Society Initiative (DSI) 
  • International Advisory Board 

Please address any questions you may have to Prof. Dr. iur. Andrea Büchler, Director URPP "Human Reproduction Reloaded", +41 44 634 48 43,