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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

We welcome new Members to the IBME Team: Nathalie Heinz and Sophie Stephan

We are happy to announce that at the beginning of April the Institute will be enriched by two new PhD students, Nathalie Heinz and Sophie Stephan.

Nathalie has a background in nursing - and health science and Sophie in health and social psychology. Together they will work on the project “COV-19-DILEMMA: Between Protection Benefit and Social Harm. Impact of Non-Pharmaceutical Protective Measures in Nursing Homes” led by Daniel Drewniak. (NRP 80, Covid-19 in Society). 

The coronavirus pandemic created a complex situation in nursing homes. To protect the lives of extremely vulnerable elderly people, homes adopted several non-pharmaceutical interventions, including restricting movements and banning visits. However, these are known to have directly and indirectly detrimental effects, such as loneliness and feelings of depression.
The project will investigate the underlying mechanisms and consequences of the dichotomy created by the benefits and detrimental effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions. To obtain a comprehensive understanding of local pandemic provision practices and social isolation measures in nursing homes, Nathalie (by using qualitative research approaches) and Sophie (by using quantitative research approaches) will examine the perspectives of residents and their relatives, care staff and home managers.