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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)


News list

  • Roberto Andorno appointed to the UNESCO Expert Group on the Ethics of Neurotechnology

  • IBME paper ranked within the top 10%

  • IBME research article has been featured in Forbes

  • Dr. Spitale to Speak at Voices - European Festival of Journalism and Media Literacy

  • New Publication: Ethical reflections on organizing the first human trial of artificial womb technologies

  • PhD candidate selected by WHO

  • IBME welcomes Dr. Andrea Ferrario as a new member of its team.

  • Nikola Biller-Andorno spricht zur Rolle der KI in der Medizin und den ethischen Implikationen.

  • New publication: Exploring the role of AI in classifying, analyzing, and generating case reports on assisted suicide cases: feasibility and ethical implications

  • Join us this Friday! Webinar ‘Access to Healthcare: Therapies for Rare Diseases. What is Fair?’

  • «Work in Progress» Workshop

  • Forum for Global Health Ethics – Upcoming Webinar: «Access to Healthcare: Therapies for Rare Diseases. What is Fair?»

  • Beitrag am SRF Radio / Podcast

  • Save the date: «Make People Better»

  • New Publication: «An ethics framework for social listening and infodemic management»

  • Nikola Biller-Andorno presenting at the DHD LL Healthathon 2023

  • New Publication: «The future of FemTech ethics & privacy – a global perspectivey»

  • New Publication: «Perspectives on Prenatal Genetic Testing, Screening, and Counseling: A Swiss Study»

  • New Publication: Proportionality and Mexico's pandemic management during the COVID-19 crisis

  • DIPEx International Meeting 2023

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