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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

Text Analytics Workshop by the DSI Challenge Area Health

We are pleased to invite you to a 2-day UZH Digital Society Initiative (DSI) Workshop on “Text Analytics for Health: Applications and Implications”. The DSI aims to bring together researchers from multiple scientific fields to reflect on as well as shape the digitalization of our society.

The focus of the workshop is on the application of text analytics to health-related data with a special emphasis on methodological, ethical and theoretical implications. The aims of the workshop are to share knowledge, identify existing data sources and data analytics problems, define research needs, and exchange research ideas.

The workshop will bring together researchers with various backgrounds who already work, or intend to work, with health-related digital text, and want to share their experiences and connect with other scientists.  Featuring brief presentations from the participants and several keynote lectures, the workshop will thus be a forum for exchange and expert inputs about health-related text analytics.

Invited speakers include internationally recognized experts in the domain of text and health. In particular: Ryan Boyd (Austin), Larry Hunter (Denver), Michael Krauthammer (USZ), Goran Nenadic (Manchester), Martin Volk (UZH), Pierre Zweigenbaum (Paris).

We anticipate that the workshop will foster future collaborations in the area of text analytics in health within the DSI, the UZH and beyond, possibly leading to joint grant applications and the formation of a competence center in the field.

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