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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

Professionals in Food Chains

Matthias Eggel co-edited a special issue of the journal "Food Ethics" dedicated to the role of professionals in food chains. 


"In recent years, a growing ethical awareness of food production and consumption can be observed. While people appreciate increased food safety and low food prices (Boogaard et al. 2008, 2011), they are increasingly concerned about social and ecological aspects (Luhmann and Theuvsen 2016) and in particular about animal welfare issues (e.g. Bergstra et al. 2017; Clark et al. 2016; Krystallis et al. 2009). In other words, the corresponding debates are not only concerned with sufficient nutrition and quality of products, but also deal with responsibilities towards animals, future generations and the environment. Since food has always been a very emotional topic, it is not surprising that the on-going debates are often controversial, passionate and sometimes even escalating; furthermore, these debates are exacerbated by the complexity of modern food systems. At the same time, global challenges through climate change, population growth and unsustainable practices have become urgent issues. Against this background, various disciplines are working in a new emerging field that can be labelled with the name of this journal: Food ethics. How we produce our food and what we consume has consequences of high moral importance and pose questions at the intersection of philosophy, law, politics, economics, sociology, veterinary medicine, agricultural science, etc. (see e.g. also Olsson et al. 2016; Springer and Grimm 2018)."


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