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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

Ning Wang invited to give a talk at Medair headquarters in Lausanne

PhD candidate Ning Wang was invited to give a talk at Medair headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland,  on "Value Sensitive Humanitarian Innovation". The talk was inspired by her recent field study in a landslide area in rural Nepal, where drones were used as a mapping tool for post-disaster reconstruction purposes after the 2015 earthquake. In collaboration with a number of international humanitarian organizations, Ning’s PhD project comprises three case studies of different applications of drones in the humanitarian and public health contexts, of which mapping is the first use case.

This field study was supported by the Innovation Unit of Medair, as well as its Country Office in Nepal. Medair is a leading faith-based humanitarian organization to relieve human suffering in some of the world’s most remote and devastated places. Since 1989, Medair has been helping families in crisis around the world to survive and recover with dignity, through reaching the forgotten, saving lives, and strengthening communities. Ning is indebted to the strong support Medair provided her with in this field study, the results of which are both insightful and fruitful.