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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

Little Acts of Disrespect: Why Micro-Inequities Matters to Bioethics?

In this talk, hosted by the Institute of Medical Ethics, History and Philosophy of Medicine (EGTM Kolloquium), University of Munster, Supriya Subramani will describe the moral significance of micro-inequities in the context of bioethics debates. Micro-inequities, subtle and small acts of disrespect, often direct our attention to the sustained asymmetrical relationship in any interactions and systemic injustice within a particular socioeconomic and political context. Supriya will present the meaning and understanding of micro-inequities. By illustrating it through lived experiences and narratives from hospital settings, she will present the moral wrong of micro-inequities. She argues that micro-inequities threaten the self-respect and thus humiliate persons. She will conclude by briefly discussing the moral significance of micro-inequities to bioethics and healthcare debates, as they function as a barrier to patient-centered care.

The presentation will take place online via Zoom on the 23rd of June at 1.45 PM CEST (UTC+2)