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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

Welcome to our new IBME International Fellow: Giovanni Spitale

We are glad to welcome the new (and first) IBME International Fellow: Giovanni Spitale,  recipient of the 2017 International Early-Career Fellowship in Medical Ethics at our Institute. 

Giovanni will spend time working on DIPEx, an international research project aiming to collect people's personal experiences on health and illness and to perform qualitative analysis on them, in order to help building a grounded starting point for clinical education, bioethical debate, policy making and patient-centered care. 

The IBME International Fellowship 

The fellowship provides the opportunity for researchers, clinicians and public health employees to explore ethical issues that arise in the practice of contemporary medicine.

During the one-year fellowship, fellows are assigned a specific mentor and are expected to conduct original research that will lead to a peer-reviewed journal publication. They are fully integrated in the life of the Institute and have the opportunity to participate and present work at weekly research seminars led by faculty and affiliated researchers.

Moreover, they are expected to follow the Institute’s foundational course on bioethics and are advised on enrolling in other courses tailored to the fellow’s needs. At the end of their fellowship they are expected to understand basic issues in bioethics, develop capacities to engage in empirical and conceptual bioethics research and present the results of their mentored research project to the Institute.

During their fellowship they receive feedback on their progress, as well as their research paper and are advised on grant applications should they wish to continue academic research in the field of medical ethics.

Visiting Fellow are selected on the basis of the significance of the proposed project, the strength of their proposals outlining a plan of work for the period of residency, and the likelihood that projects will enhance the Institute’s own research program and contribute to the visiting scholar’s future teaching and writing