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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

IBME DIPEx team attending the Dipex International annual meeting

Our colleagues engaged in have attended the Dipex International meeting at Ameland, in the Netherlands.

dipex international 2018

DIPEx International is an association of expert researchers conducting qualitative research into people’s personal experiences of health and illness with the aim to improve understanding of personal health experiences for the benefit of our communities, researchers and the health sector, including healthcare professionals and policy makers.

In particular, DIPEx International aims to:

• Conduct research using the ‘DIPEx’ methodology to ensure a high quality, evidence-based approach to patient experiences.
• Ensure quality and integrity are maintained according to established criteria outlined by DIPEx International Quality Control Manual.
• Supervise, mentor and train other researchers.
• Raise funds for the continuation and expansion of this research.
• Disseminate research findings via our respective websites, as well as through conferences and peer reviewed publications.
• Promote our work through seminars and conferences to our colleagues and professional associations and through the media to members of the public.