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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

DIPEx Training at the Institute for Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine

DIPEx training 1

For the second time, the Institute for Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME) of the University of Zurich was able to offer a specific training course for the development of the Swiss database - Database of Individual Patient Experiences.

From 6 to 7 September 2018, the interactive workshop took place under the direction of Dipl. Psychologist Martina Breuning from the Institute of Psychology at the Albert-Ludwig’s-University Freiburg (DE). The aim of this workshop was to convey qualitative research methods, in particular methods of interview research.  

The contents of the workshop were developed inductively from previous questions of the target group, followed the guidelines of the manual of DIPEx International and consisted of two focal points: 

- Focus 1: Imparting basic competencies for project work within the DIPEx principles ("DIPEx philosophy", introduction to the project objectives, conducting interviews and preparatory aspects of planning and implementation such as sampling methods). 
- Focus 2: Deepening methodological questions such as the preparation of content from the interviews with coding techniques and QDA software, the procedure for the media design of the texts for the website or the writing of project-specific summaries.

In exchange with Martina Breuning, an expert authorised by the DIPEx International research association, the training programme was flexibly adapted to the participants' research questions and projects in terms of content and methodology. Planned and existing modules developed at IBME, (Alzheimer's disease and dementia, chronic pain, pregnancy and prenatal testing and multiple sclerosis) were used to discuss and practice methods and procedures. On the basis of various didactic formats - lectures, small group exercises for targeted interview management, hands-on coding exercises on real data material from the current module developments, interactive discussion on the construction of new modules, discussion of the Topic Guide for interviews of people after experiences of deep brain stimulation as well as the preparation of the data material for the planned website of - the participants were able to intensively enter into the exchange with the expert due to the preparatory tasks. 

The broad spectrum of the interprofessional participant group consisted of researchers with many years of experience in  qualitative research up to beginners in the research methodology of DIPEx. These include employees of all qualification levels in the project, i.e. master students, doctoral students, transcription assistants and scientific project staff, as well as people interested in DIPEx, including scientific staff and other researchers from the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and Medical History. 

The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Andrea Glässel. The number of participants was limited to 15 in order to discuss intensively and productively. The course entitles to max. 2 credit points in the credit transfer system and took place in English. We are already looking forward to continuing the tradition of a DIPEx Summer School in the coming fall semester 2019 at the IBME. 

DIPEx training