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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

Rasita Vinay

Rasita Vinay

  • Postdoc

Rasita Vinay completed her Master of Bioethics from Monash University, Australia, and previously obtained her Bachelor of Science, with a major in Neuroscience, from the University of Melbourne, Australia. During her master’s, Rasita completed a 6-month internship with Global Bioethics Initiative, an NGO with special consultative status to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in New York, USA. Her master’s thesis was titled ‘Should an opt-out scheme for deceased kidney donations be adopted? The plausibility of the opt-in vs. opt-out debate’. Rasita’s research provided an ethical insight to altruistic kidney donation, with special focus on Utilitarianism, while also drawing upon international policies and guidelines to settle the opt-in vs. opt-out debate in an Australian context. 

Rasita is a PhD student at the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and a recipient of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship. With special interests in Palliative and End-of-Life Care, her doctoral research focuses on international policy guidelines for dementia patients in palliative care settings. 

Research interests

  • Organ Donation
  • Palliative and End-of-Life Care
  • Patient Autonomy and Informed Consent
  • Decision-Making
  • Neuroethics
  • Digital Health

Ongoing Projects

  • [PhD Dissertation] Dying with Dementia: A comparative and ethical study of palliative care guidelines for people with dementia (working title)
  • [Research Assistant] Ethics Module II - A Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation funded project on the ethics of breastfeeding research


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