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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

Lara Bernasconi

Lara Bernasconi

  • PhD Student

Short Bio

Lara Bernasconi graduated with honors, earning a master's degree in Molecular Health Science from the ETHZ. She also obtained a Teaching Diploma from the ETHZ, and a DAS in Clinical Research from the UZH.

Her career in clinical research started at the Clinical Trials Center (CTC) of the University Hospital Zurich. During her first year at CTC, she helped set up a multicenter clinical trial involving various stakeholders and led a multinational project on the further use of clinical data, which resulted in a publication. Subsequently, she worked as clinical monitor, performing quality control in diverse trials, with a specialization in neurology, cardiology, and medical device studies. Simultaneously, she committed to the education of clinical researchers, engaging in various teaching activities and leading the Advanced Studies program at CTC.

Her experience in the field led to her appointment as Vice Head of both the Monitoring and Education&Training departments at CTC. As safety expert, she has also been asked to represent the CTC in the Safety Platform within the Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation.

With a foundation in clinical research, she is now pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Ethics at the UZH, with a focus on the ethical implications of AI in clinical research.