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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

Fayez Abdulrazeq

Fayez Abdulrazeq

  • PhD Student

Short Bio

Fayez is a medical doctor from Jordan. He holds an MSc in Epidemiology from Jordan University of Science and Technology. For his master’s thesis, Fayez delved into exploring physicians' perspectives on embryonic stem cells and embryo donation post in vitro fertilization. His current PhD project is centered around identifying barriers to healthcare access for undocumented migrants and the challenges faced by their healthcare providers. During his research tenure at IBME, Fayez served as a research associate in a collaborative initiative between our institute and the WHO Strategy & Governance Unit at the WHO headquarters in Geneva. The primary aim of this initiative was to develop a curriculum integrating ethical principles and efficient governance into the design, development, and implementation of AI technologies in healthcare. His responsibilities included drafting ethical guidelines and creating a case study examining how AI-based systems can improve accessibility to cervical cancer screening.

Fayez was also invited to serve as a visiting scholar for three months at the Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium. Additionally, he received two scholarships to attend the Empirical Bioethics Summer School in Amsterdam in 2022 and a postgraduate course on "Rethinking Criminal Justice as Public Health" at Columbia University in 2023. In the same year, Fayez was selected to represent the University of Zurich at the 13th Doctoral Summer School held at Heidelberg University in Germany. Beyond his academic endeavors, Fayez has collaborated with international organizations such as the WHO and the International Medical Corps. He completed a highly competitive fellowship in the Department of Health Emergencies at the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office in Cairo. Moreover, he assumed a managerial position as the Community Health Team Leader at Zatari Refugee Camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan, overseeing COVID-19 surveillance and response efforts.

Research Interest

  • Ethics of migration and refugee health
  • AI Ethics 
  • Public health ethics 
  • Ethical controversies surrounding stem cell research
  • Disability bioethics and human rights
  • Reproductive ethics


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