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Institut für Biomedizinische Ethik und Medizingeschichte (IBME)

Workshop "Sensory and Emotional Experiences: Pracitices of Mind-Body Medicine in the 20th Century"


Sarah Scheidmantel and Leander Diener from the History of Medicine Department are hosting their workshop "Sensory and Emotional Experiences: Practices of Mind-Body Medicine in the 20th Century" together with Josephine Selander (ETH Zurich) on 30.-31. March.

See the flyer with further information on the subject as well as general information and on registration.

We´d be happy to see you there to think and discuss together with us and our two interesting guests Anja Laukötter (Berlin/Strasbourg) and Staffan Bergwik (Stockholm)!

For registration, please write an e-mail until 15.03. to: