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Institut für Biomedizinische Ethik und Medizingeschichte (IBME)

TB/HIV: Distinct Histories, Entangled Futures – Symposium at the Fondation Brocher Geneva

MHIZ Research Fellows Lukas Engelmann and Janina Kehr organise an international symposium at the Fondation Brocher in Geneva on the topic of TB/HIV coinfection. The symposium’s aim is to raise a set of questions of how to appropriately address coinfections as biosocial phenomena from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities. Research on coinfections remains a desiderata for social sciences and humanities, despite the fact that their methodology could make a very valuable contribution to understanding and tackling this ever more pressing problem. To this end, the symposium will bring together well known historians, anthropologists and sociologists who have been researching either disease – tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS – with public health professionals that have addressed both diseases in their everyday practice for the last ten years, that is ever since the TB/HIV strategy emerged at the beginning of the new millennium. The symposium will thus not only formulate new research questions and start to develop a methodology to understand coinfections and their control as entangled objects, but also take on the task of forging synergies by bringing together researchers from different disciplines, disease communities and methdologies.

Fondation Brocher

Flyer (PDF, 1019 KB)