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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME) Forum for Global Health Ethics

Webinar on Proportionality and Evidence-Based Policymaking

A key ethical and human rights challenge of pandemic management is to effectively protect public health while restricting individual freedom as little as possible. Controversies surrounding measures taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as curfews, travel bans, school closures, vaccination mandates, prioritisation of vaccines, and restrictions on access to hospitals and nursing homes, have highlighted the difficulty of meeting this challenge.

In this webinar, our international speakers presented their views on COVID-19 vaccine mandates, discussed the issues of proportionality and evidence-based policymaking, and answered questions from the audience.


Hosts: Nikola Biller-Andorno andTania Manríquez Roa, University of Zurich

Organising institutions: University of Zurich (IBME) and Swiss Medical Weekly

Organisers: Tania Manríquez Roa, Julian März, Nikola Biller-Andorno, and Dominik Bolliger

Read the viewpoint «Proportionality and evidence-based pandemic management» by Julian W.  März, Corine Mouton-Dorey, Tania Manríquez Roa, and Nikola Biller-Andorno.

Read the webinar report «Proportionality and Evidence-Based Policymaking in Public Health – The Case
of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates»
, by Tobias Zürcher (This text was originally published in the EACME Newsletter n61, September 2022).

Here you can watch short clips of this webinar.

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