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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

"Respect and Shame in Healthcare and Bioethics" Workshop Series


Organised at the University of Exeter by the Wellcome Trust funded Shame and Medicine Project, and Supriya Subramani (University of Zurich).

(please register via the Eventbrite links below for the joining details - all sessions will take place via Zoom from 2pm – 4.50pm CET).

The series aims to address:

  • How are the concepts of respect, disrespect, shame and humiliation relevant to healthcare and bioethics debates?
  • Could deeper conceptual, philosophical and phenomenological understandings of (dis)respect, shame and humiliation help improve the practice of medicine?

1 October - Luna Dolezal, University of Exeter – “Trauma and Shame: Shame-Sensitive Practice in Trauma-Informed Approaches to Healthcare.”
+ ECR presentation from Supriya Subramani, University of Zurich – “Exploring Respect and Humiliation in Bioethics.”

22 October - Vania Smith-Oka, University of Notre Dame – “Microaggressions as Forms of Humiliation and Shame within Medical Encounters in Mexico.”
+ ECR presentation from Sarah Howard, University of Birmingham – “Counting Fake Latrines: Shit, Shame and the State.”

5 November - Thomas Gutmann, University of Munster – “The Legal Protection of Respect in Healthcare.”
+ ECR presentation from Vanessa De Luca, University of Nantes – “Investigating Responsibility and Reactive Responses Towards Addiction.”

19 November - Barry Lyons, Children’s Health, Ireland – “Stigma and the Mental Health of Healthcare Workers.”
+ ECR presentation from Nataliya Shok, Privolzhsky Research Medical University – “Medical Error as a Stigma: The Moral Code in Healthcare Practice and Bioethics in Russia.”

3 December - Peter Schaber, University of Zurich – “Respect for the Patient’s Wishes.”
+ ECR presentation from Katharine Cheston, University of Durham – “The ‘Wish to be Treated with Dignity, Respect and Empathy’: (Dis)Respect and Shame in the Context of ‘Medically Unexplained’ Illness.”

17 December - Dan Zahavi, University of Copenhagen – “Shame, Self and Other.”
+ ECR presentation from Maryam Golafshani, University of Toronto – “Empathy and Shame through Feminist Phenomenology: The Limits and Possibilities of Affective Work in Healthcare.”