Sebastian Fonseca

Sebastian Fonseca, Dr.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sebastian Fonseca is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME), funded by the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship. He is an international medical doctor who completed an MA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics of Health (UCL) and PhD in Global Health and Social Medicine (KCL). His current research focuses on developing Latin American social medicine throughout the twentieth century, working around the thought style of the largest association in this field: ALAMES or the Latin American Social Medicine and Collective Health Association.
Sebastian’s research interests are situated in multiple approaches to the social basis of population health. Specifically, local and situated epistemologies on health emerging from Latin American, Asian and African scholarship that speaks back to the predominant topics on global health, including the right to health, the social determinants of health, interculturality and decolonial perspectives on health, social justice and activism in health. His current work at the University of Zurich expands on the relationship between the history of public health in Latin America and the social medicine movement, the generation of knowledge from revolutionary efforts during the twentieth century, and the emergence of gender theories and feminism as research nodes in ALAMES.