Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the archive?

Advance notification is required via phone or email. Opening days are Tuesday and Thursday.

The archive is not here to answer questions related to the history of medicine but to make the materials available for self-study and research. Further, the archive does not offer materials for every question or every epoch (please refer to the in-stock materials). For general questions about the History of Medicine, please consult the library.

How do I conduct research in the archive?

Since it is not possible to do the research online yet, please contact the archivist via phone or in written form.

How do I order materials from the archive?

After a written request, a notification will be sent as to which materials are available for the requested topic. The user, then makes his/her selection and and given an appointment on which the archives will be made available in the user room. text

How long is it going to take for the materials to be available?

Generally speaking about 1 – 2 with a maximum of 5 business days. 

Can I borrow archive materials?

None of the materials can be taken out of the archive. Use is restricted to the user room.

Can I obtain pictures for publications/exhibitions?

Die Bildersammlung steht für die eigene Recherche offen. Eine Themenliste kann vorab angefordert werden. Die Zusendung ab sechs Kopien zur Auswahl wird verrechnet. Digitale Kopien von Originalen im Archiv können auf Rechnung hergestellt werden.
Bei Bildmaterial, bei dem das Archiv die Bildrechte nicht besitzt, muss der Benutzer sich selbst um die Abklärung kümmern.

How to obtain copies and what are the fees?

The pictures collection is available for personal research. A list of topics can be requested. Fees will occur, for consignment of 6 copies or more. Digital copies of archive originals can be provided for a fee. Where the archive does not own the copyrights for the pictures, the user must obtain them themselves.

How can I donate materials to the archive?

The archive is interested in donations with respect to “medicine”. However, there is a very specific documented profile, against which all pieces will be checked to see if it fits the archives profile. We kindly ask that, for a donation, a questionnaire is filled out and sent via email to the archive. Please do not send us materials and single items without contacting us first. The return costs would add up and be considerable.