Supriya Subramani

Supriya Subramani, Dr.

Stehr-Boldt Fellowship Award IBME University of Zurich (Sept 2020 - August 2021)



Short Bio

I am a social researcher and bioethicist, and my general research interests lie at the intersection of medical ethics, behaviour and law. In particular, I focus on doctor-patient relationship, informed consent, and respect for persons. Further, I am interested in qualitative inquiry into moral subjectivities of individuals and moral epistemological inquires within qualitative bioethics research. I obtained my doctoral degree at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India. In my doctoral research, I have examined the ethical principle of the concept of ‘informed consent’ within clinical practice and medical judiciary in the Indian context. Prior to my Ph.D., for two years, I worked as Project Associate in the Wellcome Trust -IIT Madras Project “Medical Ideas, Tools, Ethics and Pluralism in South India”. I was a Junior Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in Bioethics, University of Munster, Germany (May-June 2015 and Sept- Nov 2016).

Research Interest

  • Doctor-patient-family relationship
  • Respect for persons
  • Informed consent and communication
  • Qualitative bioethics research methodology and methods
  • Paternalism 

Ongoing Projects

Feb, 2019- : Consultant and Associate for the project ‘Case Studies in Clinical Ethics’ published by Health, Ethics, Law Insitute of Research, Training, and Advocacy, and Forum for Medical Ethics Society


  • Subramani, Supriya. The Passive Patient: Culture of Disrespect in Law and Medicine in India. Under contract with Routledge (Monograph). Anticipated Publication Date: March 2022
  • Moral Habitus: An approach to understanding embedded disrespectful practices, Developing World Bioethics (Accepted, Under Revision)
  • Subramani, S. The Social Construction of Incompetency: Moving Beyond Embedded Paternalism Toward the Practice of Respect. Health Care Anal (2020). Link
  • Subramani, S. The Rhetoric of the ‘Passive Patient’ in Indian Medical Negligence Cases. ABR 11, 349–366 (2019). Link
  • Subramani, S. (2019). The uninformed spouse: Balancing confidentiality and other professional obligations. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 3 (NS), p. 211-215. Link
  • Subramani, S. (2019). Practising reflexivity: Ethics, methodology and theory construction. Methodological Innovations. Link
  • Subramani, S. (2018). The moral significance of capturing micro-inequities in hospital settings. Social Science & Medicine, 209, 136-144. Link
  • Subramani, S. (2017). Patient autonomy within real or valid consent: Samira Kohli’s case. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, 2(3), 184-9. Link

Open Access Preprints

Editing, reviewing and consulting activities

  • Reviewer at Peer Reviewed Journals: Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Qualitative Health Research, International Journal of Qualitative Methods
  • Associate to Health, Ethics, Law Insitute of Research, Training, and Advocacy (HEaL)
  • Ethics Committee Member, SRM Medical University (Feb 2019-July 2019)
  • Forum for Medical Ethics Society Member