Felicitas Holzer

Felicitas Holzer, Dr

Stehr-Boldt Fellowship Award IBME University of Zurich (Oct 2020 - May 2021)




Short bio

Felicitas Holzer holds a master’s degree in history and philosophy of science from the University of Cambridge and a doctorate in political philosophy with a focus on global research ethics from Sorbonne University. Trained as a philosopher (BA, MPhil, PhD), economist (BSc) and bioethicist (MSc), her research interests include topics at the intersection of bioethics, research ethics and political philosophy as well as philosophy of science. Her current research focuses on the moral dimension of biomedical innovation and the access to medicines. Felicitas holds several awards and scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET), the Brocher foundation (Switzerland) and the MTZ foundation (Germany). She is affiliated with the program of bioethics at FLACSO Argentina, a WHO collaborating center. She also gained interdisciplinary and international experience during research and work stays abroad at the Hastings Center (USA), the World Health Organization (internship, Switzerland), and as a member of the UK-Latin American Network of Political Philosophy (Argentina and Mexico). She participated in numerous international conferences and is currently volunteering for the US-based NGO “Incentives for Global Health”. 

Research Interest

  • Research ethics (with a focus on research in low- and middle-income countries)
  • Political philosophy (obligations, distributive justice, global justice, human rights)
  • Global justice in health research & access to medicines 
  • Ethics of biomedical innovation (emergency use of drugs, right to try, compassionate use, responsible innovation) 
  • Latin American bioethics 

Ongoing Projects

  • Fair benefit-sharing in international health research
  • Exploitation in international health research 
  • The concept of “community exploitation” 
  • Responsible innovation in medicine 
  • The right to try and access to medical interventions outside research 
  • The Health Impact Fund 



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Comments and letters

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Book chapters

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Newspaper articles and blogs

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