Michele Loi

Michele Loi


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I am currently working as Principal Investigator in the project "Socially acceptable AI and fairness trade‐offs in predictive analytics", leading the philosophical unit of the project.

Principal Investigator in the INNOSUISSE funded project "Algorithmic Fairness: Development of a methodology for controlling and minimizing algorithmic bias in data based decision making” . 

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I am a political philosopher by training with a track record of publications mostly at the boundary between my own discipline and bioethics. My competences are shaped by a history of philosophy BA+MA, a PhD in political theory (with an analytical philosophy approach), and eight years of post-doctoral research, some of which transdisciplinary, at the boundary between political philosophy, bioethics and data ethics.

I conceive myself as a builder of bridges, with a special ability to create links across disciplines and identify philosophically salient aspects of concrete policy problems. As an applied philosopher I seek to understand a policy domain properly before philosophizing about it. To that purpose I seek interdisciplinary collaborations and combine the relevant complementary competences. While a big supporter of analytical clarity and avoidance of sterile historicism and rhetoric, I am critical of the self-referential nature of some debates in analytic philosophy and very open to collaborations with political scientists and other “empirically-oriented” researchers.

I begun working on applied political theory driven by sheer theoretical interests. For instance I wanted to understand the contribution of genetics to defining the nature/society boundary in a Rawlsian theory of justice. Currently, I am working mostly on the ethics and political philosophy of data. I believe that the economic and social transformation we are undergoing through information technology raise some of the deepest philosophical questions about the meaning of work, citizens’ contribution to the economy and politics, and the distribution of power and wealth in society.

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Giustizia e Genetica

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