Lena Künzle

Lena Künzle, MA

Phd Student



Lena Künzle studied Cultural Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Basel. During her studies she worked as a teaching assistant at the Seminar of Cultural Studies and European Ethnology and at the Institute of Sociology. She also completed various internships in museums and social institutions in Switzerland and abroad. In her master thesis "The art of the artless? Cultural anthropological perspectives on subject constructions regarding the figure of the outsider artist in the art discourse", she discussed the constitution of a social "other" and resulting marginalizations. In September 2018, Lena Künzle began her employment at the University of Zurich in the research project " Genesis and impact of psychiatric expertise on child placement 1921-1974 " within the National Research Programm (NRP) 76. Regarding this research project, she is writing her dissertation at the University of Basel in Cultural Anthropology. The research focuses on the impact of psychiatric expertise regarding the construction of identity and the biography of the people who were assessed from 1945 to 1974.

Research Interests

Social inequality, stigmatisation, in-and exclusion, disability studies, grounded theory

Ongoing projects

Genesis and impact of psychiatric expertise on child placement 1921-1974


Lena Künzle: Abschlusstagung des Projekts: Heimerziehung in Baden-Württemberg 1949-1975. Link (Stand: 07.02.2019).