Jan Schürmann

Jan Schürmann, M.A.

Academic Associate

Clinical Ethicist University Hospital of Basel



Short Bio

Jan Schürmann holds a master’s degree in Philosophy and History of Arts from the University of Basel. He is working as a clinical ethicist at the University Hospital of Basel and the University Psychiatric Hospitals of Basel since 2009. He is certified as a clinical ethics consultant, coordinator, and trainer for ethics consultation by the Akademie für Ethik in der Medizin (AEM). He is also working as a lecturer for medical ethics in the medical curriculum of the University of Basel. Since 2018, he is a PhD student in biomedical ethics at the University of Basel working on preventive forms of clinical ethics support. 

Research Interests

  • Clinical ethics consultation
  • Issues in clinical ethics
  • Theory and methods of bioethics
  • Metaethical foundations of bioethics
  • Psychiatric ethics
  • Organizational ethics


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