Emmanuel Neuhaus

Emmanuel Neuhaus , MA

PhD Student


Short bio

Emmanuel Neuhaus holds a bachelor’s degree in History and German studies from the University of Bern. He finished his master thesis in April 2019. His research topic was the role of experts, notably medical specialists, in the so called “Fluorkrieg” which took place from the 1950s onwards. During that time, cases of fluorosis were diagnosed on workers of the aluminum industry and treated by the Suva, the Swiss public-sector insurer and at the time monopolist provider of health care coverage in case of accidents and occupational diseases. The research aimed to determine the self-image of the Suva doctors in relation to their free practicing colleagues and to discover the role of experts and their networks within the topic of fluorosis. During his studies, Emmanuel worked as a teaching assistant and tutor at the Historic Institute at the University of Bern. Besides, he was employed as a student and scientific collaborator within the Independent Expert Commission (IEC) on Administrative Detention from 2016 to 2019. This commission was established by the Swiss government to study the history of administrative detention prior to 1981, when people in Switzerland could be detained without court judgement.

Research Interest

Emmanuel’s main scientific interests concern scientific expertise and the social and cultural history of medicine.

Ongoing Projects

Emmanuel works as a PhD student in the research project. In his doctoral thesis, he will focus on the context and content of the psychiatric expertise. Emmanuel is furthermore investigating the logics and explanations within the psychiatric reports. This includes analyzing the process of psychiatric examination, structure and narration of the main documents, as well as child psychiatry in a broader scientific and social context. The main sources are the personal files of the two child observation wards, scientific articles, psychiatric textbooks and the institutions’ official reports.


  • Bühler, Rahel; Galle, Sara; Grossmann, Flavia; Lavoyer, Matthieu; Mülli, Michael; Neuhaus, Emmanuel; Ramsauer, Nadja: Ordnung, Moral und Zwang. Administrative Versorgung und Behördenpraxis, (Veröffentlichungen der Unabhängigen Expertenkommission Administrative Versorgungen; 7), Zürich 2019.