Yolanda  Chacón Gámez

Yolanda Chacón Gámez

PhD Student


Yolanda Chacón Gámez completed in 2012 her Law degree at the Universities of Granada and Cordoba, in Spain. During the same period, she was trained in translation of sign language in various deaf associations in Spain. She holds a bilingual master’s degree in EU law from the University Carlos III of Madrid, which she concluded at the University of Zurich. In 2016 she completed a second master’s degree at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich, where she analysed the ethical and legal aspects of the medical and non-medical uses of Deep Brain Stimulation. That same year she was accepted to the PhD Program Biomedical Ethics and Law (Medical Track). However, being her wish to focus on the psychosocial effects of DBS and to conduct an empiric research in this area, she changed in 2018 to the Medical track of the PhD Program. At the IBME, she is also involved in the DIPEx Project, which aims to collect data about patients experiences. Therefore, she coordinates the DIPEx module on experiences of patients and family caregivers with Parkinson's disease and aid-devices treatments. Currently she combines her PhD research with a Bachelor's in Biomedicine at the University of Zurich, which she started in 2017.