Zümrüt Alpýnar

Zümrüt Alpýnar, PhD

Alumna 2015


Curriculum Vitae

Graduated in 2006 from department of philosophy in Boğaziçi University (İstanbul, Turkey). In August 2009, she got her M. A. degree from department of philosophy in the Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey). The title of her M.A. thesis was "Expansion of Rawls' Theory of Justice as Fairness To Health Care", in which she endeavored to explain and defend John Rawls' theory of Justice as Fairness, and contributed to Norman Daniels' expansion of Rawls' theory to health care by considering individual responsibility in maintaining and restoring health. PhD student in the program “Biomedical Ethics and Law” offered by the Institute of Biomedical Ethics at University of Zürich since August 2010. Working in the UFSP Ethik in the Network Human Dignity in Practical Contexts on the project “Human Dignity and Autonomy – The Limits of Self-Ownership” since August 2011. Her PhD research project’s title is “The Concept of Dignity with a Specific Focus on The Debate in Organ Markets”. The aim is to understand how the concept of ‘dignity’ is used in the commercialization of organs debate.

Her main academic interests are, so generally, ethics, bioethics and medical ethics, political philosophy, justice and rights in health care. There are papers that are already published, in which problems of justice in health care are held (focused on transplantation, especially). Also a member of Turkish Bioethics Association and European Society of Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy.

CV Zümrüt Alpinar (PDF, 142 KB)