Regula Ott

Regula Ott

Alumna 2014

Curriculum Vitae

M.Sc. in Biology with specialisation in Neurosciences at the University of Zurich (2008). Internship in the field of public relation and nature conservancy and internships followed by temporary appointments as an ethics analyst for financial decisions and at the Institute of social Neurosciences at the University of Zurich (2008-2010). One semester of Philosophy to support the elaboration of a Ph.D. topic (2010). Since 2010, Ph.D. student at the IBME with a scholarship of the URPP (University Research Priority Program). Ph.D. project: cognitive Neuro-Enhancement. Link

Recent Publications

Ott, Regula; Biller-Andorno, Nikola (2013). Neuroenhancement among Swiss Students - A Comparison of Users and Non-Users. Pharmacopsychiatry. (Epub ahead of print) Link

Ott, Regula; Lenk, Christian; Miller, Nicole; Neuhaus Bühler, Rachel; Biller-Andorno, Nikola (2012). Neuroenhancement – perspectives of Swiss psychiatrists and general practitioners. Swiss Med Wkly. 2012; 142:w13707. Link

Niederkofler, Vera; Baeriswyl, Thomas; Ott, Regula; Stoeckli, Esther T. (2010). Nectin-like molecules/SynCAMs Are Required for Post-crossing Commissural Axon Guidance. Development 137(3): 427–435. Link

Reye, Barbara (2013). Small Talk. „Die Liste der möglichen Stoffe ist lang“. Interview mit Regula Ott. Tages-Anzeiger. Saturday, 9. February 2013.

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