Martina Hodel

Martina Hodel, PhD.

Alumna 2019

Martina Andrea Hodel is a PhD candidate enrolled in the PhD program ‘Biomedical Ethics and Law’.  Prior to her PhD, she obtained a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from the Universities of Zurich and Humboldt (Berlin, Germany) and a minor in law from the Universty of Bern, Switzerland.

Her PhD dissertation is concerned with ethical concepts relevant to the care of patients with severe mental illness. Funded by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, she has been in charge of planning and conduct of a survey study among psychiatrists in Switzerland. Throughout her doctorate, she has focused on applied ethics concepts relevant to mental health, the conflicting goals of autonomy and beneficence in psychiatry, and the topic of assisted suicide/medical assistance in dying on the basis of suffering from mental illness.

In addition to her PhD work, she is engaged in the qualitative research project DIPEx Switzerland. Within this project, she is collaborating in a multidisciplinary team of qualitative researchers aiming at building an online platform consisting of patient narratives.

Furthermore, Martina has a strong personal interest in global mental health topics.

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