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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME) Psychiatric and Psychotherapy Ethics (PAPE) Research Group

Ethics of reimbursement models in psychiatry


Short description

“Resource scarcity forces health care systems to set priorities and navigate trade-offs in how they choose to fund different services. Distributive justice principles can help guide health systems to fairly allocate scarce resources in a society. In most countries, mental health care and psychotherapy, in particular, tend to be under-prioritized even though psychotherapy can be an effective treatment for mental health disorders. To create ethical funding systems that support appropriate access to psychotherapy, health care funding systems must consider how they allocate and distribute health care resources through health care financing, coverage criteria, and reimbursement mechanisms” (Robertson-Preidler, Biller-Andorno, & Johnson (2021)

Involved PAPE group researchers


  • Appenzeller, Y. E., Appelbaum, P. S., & Trachsel, M. (2020). Ethical and practical issues in video surveillance of psychiatric units. Psychiatric Services, 71(5), 480-486.