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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME) Clinical Ethics Unit: Research

Ethics of Chronic Diseases and Disability

People living with chronic diseases and disability face multiple challenges, e.g. related to the promotion of health, prevention of disease progression, quality of life or economic safety. When needing hospital treatment, the continuity of care and the preservation and integration of personal resources, the family system and significant others are key in order to achieve the best possible treatment goals. The clinical ethics unit has actively been part of a regional workgroup gathering both facilities for people with disabilities and hospitals in order to establish best practices for transferal and patient discharge. Our doctoral student Tatjana Weidmann Hügle, clinical ethicist in a partner hospital, analyzes phenomena of epistemic injustice towards these populations in the context of clinical ethics consultations. Her PhD thesis, supervised by Tanja Krones and Settimio Monteverde, will offer interesting insights about how to better do justice for these particularly vulnerable population when it comes to ethical issues that address the condition these people live.