Clinical Ethics Unit: Research

The Clinical Ethics Unit at the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine is responsible for running the clinical ethics service at the University Hospital of Zurich with regard to research implementation and practice. As such, we cooperate on research topics of several Clinics, Institutes and services (e.g. Patient Quality and Safety) at the University Hospital , the UZH and external cooperating institutions, with a special focus on  clinical ethics including nursing ethics at the micro level of patients, their relatives and  health care professionals and the impact of the macro level of organizational and health care ethics on patients and their loved ones. We use empirical, normative and evidence based methodologies, including high level social science methodologies such as factorial surveys in our research, based on moral pragmatism and a context sensitive bioethics approach. Almost all projects are rooted in clinical practice or reflect on concrete ethical problems and dilemmas emerging from the clinical context, including nursing homes or ambulatory care services. Even if reflections  of ethical dilemmas or tackling ethical problems are important (research) topics in clinical ethics, research on how best practices on which all reasonable and moral actors agree upon can best be implemented are an important research field, to which the Clinical ethics unit contributes nationally and internationally.

Tanja Krones and Settimio Monteverde co-lead the clinical ethics unit including its research activities. In 2020, two post-docs (Daniel Drewniak , Giovanna Brandi) , two doctoral fellows (Niek Rogger, Oliver Meier) , one associated senior physician (Marie Wolf) three PhD students (Ana Rosca, Tatjana Weidmann-Hügle, Corina Sgier, Christine Bally), two  master students (Selina Steiger, Hanna Glaus) and one advanced practice nurse (APN) (Isabelle Karzig) are primarily involved in or associated with the research projects along with collaborators of external national and international collaborating partners.