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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME) DRG

Related Projects

Ethical issues around case-based payment and DRGs in China

This research project is designed to be an accompanying research, and it will take a focus on the cost containment measures, especially the preliminary form of DRGs (diagnosis related groups), case based payment system, and their ethical implications on the healthcare professionals and on the healthcare service. To be specific, the research will concentrate on the possible change of healthcare professionals’ beliefs and behaviors or even their professional ethics, and on the evaluation of equity, access to healthcare and the quality of healthcare. The research will be put into the context of China, though it has close link with the project of ‘Assessing the impact of DRGs on patient care and professional practice’ in the institute of biomedical ethics in UZH.
Pingyue Jin, PhD student
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Physiotherapy (PT) and SwissDRGs

Investigating the impact of Swiss DRGs on delivering physical therapy and on the job- satisfaction of physical therapists.
Regula Frouzakis, cand. MSc PT student ZHAW
Caroline Clarinval, MPH IBME UZH

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