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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)


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  • Event: Magic Medicine – Können halluzinogene Pilze depressive Erkrankungen heilen?

  • New publication: The PHERCC Matrix. An Ethical Framework for Planning, Governing, and Evaluating Risk and Crisis Communication in the Context of Public Health Emergencies

  • First meeting of the Apéro Philo Series on May 11th at 5 p.m: Michael Latzer and Noemi Festic on digital well-being

  • New Publication: Eleonora Viganò’s new article on digital health interventions published in JMIR

  • University of Zurich selected Fayez Abdulrazeq to represent the university at the LERU’s Summer School

  • Webinar: «The Metaverse: A Role for Mental Health Care?»

  • New publication by Eleonora Viganò on Res Publica

  • We welcome new Members to the IBME Team: Nathalie Heinz and Sophie Stephan

  • Scholarshipt awarded to IBME team member Fayez Abdulrazeq

  • IBME team presents cutting edge research at SNSF Corona Research Conference

  • Join our next Webinar on April 25 at 5pm, 'The Metaverse: A role to play in mental healthcare'

  • Upcoming talk on self-experimentation by Nikola Biller-Andorno and Tania Manríquez Roa at Swissmedic

  • New publication: Patient narratives – a still undervalued resource for healthcare improvement

  • Eleonora Viganò’s book launch at the University of Oxford

  • Join our Webinar: Forum for Global Health Ethics – 'The Power of Artificial Intelligence for Advancing Health Equity'

  • New Publication: «The use of artificial intelligence applications in medicine and the standard required for healthcare provider-patient briefings—an exploratory study»

  • New Publication: «Values in challenging times: Strategic crisis management in the EU»

  • Premio Pusterla Preis: Essays veröffentlicht

  • Eleonora Viganò invited as a speaker at the Swiss Parliament for the event «Die Schweiz und Big Data: Chancen und Herausforderungen»

  • New Publication: «Values in challenging times: Strategic crisis management in the EU»

  • The Swiss National Science Foundation’s Marie Heim-Vögtlin Prize for 2022 goes to Anna Elsner, Congratulations!

  • New Publication: «The Use and Ethics of Digital Twins in Medicine»

  • New Publication: «Living Organ Donation for Transplantation in Bangladesh: Reality and Problems»

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