Ning Wang invited to be a visiting scholar at University of Geneva

Ning Wang is invited to be a visiting scholar at the Institute for Ethics, History, and the Humanities (iEH2) of University of Geneva, in the fall semester 2021.

During her research visit at iEH2, Ning Wang will work on the PNR 77 project Internet of Things for Occupational Health at the research group of Science and Ethics, conducting research related to the ethics work stream.

iEH2 addresses important issues of contemporary medicine by integrating approaches from the human and social sciences as well as from the biomedical sciences. The research carried out at iEH2 applies tools from different disciplines to explore the ethical issues of medicine and life sciences to offer a broad and contextualised understanding of the issues and challenges at stake, and to propose a critical analysis of medicine and its relationship with the different contexts in which it is practiced over time.

Dominik Bolliger