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Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)

Giovanni Spitale presenting his works at the International book fair of Turin, Italy

With almost 150.000 visitors in four days and a unique location as the "Lingotto", the International book fair of Turin is the most important event of this kind in Italy.

On Saturday the 12th of may at 18.30 Giovanni Spitale, research fellow here at the IBME, will present his work and his books: "Il dono nelle donazioni, una prospettiva bioetica" (The gift in donations, a bioethical perspective), a monography on blood, bone marrow and organ donation; and "Hestia. Come sopravvivere alla fine del mondo (o quantomeno del proprio)" (Hestia. How to survive the end of the world - or at least of your own), a narrative and first hand perspective on how to face a terrible disease, but having some fun in the meanwhile. The presentation will be held in the official stand of the Venetian Region.