Conferences and Workshops

Reflexivity in Bioethical Research

DateOctober 30th and Nov 11th, 2020

Location: Zoom Meeting

Resource Persons:

•    Dr. Michael Dunn (Nuffield Departement of Population Health, University of Oxford)
•    Dr. Jonathan Ives (Centre for Ethics in Medicine, University of Bristol) 

Organizers & Contact: Dr. Supriya Subramani (IBME). Please register to get the link to the meeting and reading materials. 

Utopia Animalia

Date12 September - 15 September 2021

Location: Congressi Stefano Franscini (ETH ZH), Monte Verità (TI, Switzerland)

Keynote Speaker:

•    Prof. Dr. Roland Borgards (Literaturwissenschaft, Goethe Universität, FfM) 
•    Dr. Angela Martin (Philosophie, Universität Basel) 
•    Prof. Dr. Jessica Ullrich (Kunstgeschichte, Kunstakademie Münster)
•    Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel (Biologie/Ethologie, Vetsuisse, Bern)

Organizers & Contact: Samuel Camenzind and Matthias Eggel. The registration must be sent by email to