Journal and Book Club

The Journal and Book Club will run alternatively depending on the needs and wishes of the attendants at the IBME.

For the Spring semester 2020, we will run the book Club.

A. The Book Club 
We invite all researchers, including doctoral students, to read a book on ethical issues and moral philosophy, chapter by chapter, and to critically evaluate and revise it. At the end of the reading of the book, a meeting with the author would be arranged, either in person or virtually, or look at video interviews when she/he is no longer alive.

The conditions for participation are as follows:

1. Have an interest in the chosen book (all IBME members will be able to vote for this choice)

2. Commit to regular attendance: every Wednesday 45 minutes, from 4:30-5:15 p.m.

3. Register with, coordinator of the Journal and Book Club, in order to be added to the Microsoft team "Book Club" for any communication, and also to meet during the Covid 19 period.

Program - Spring semester 2021

Two books will be read and critically discussed, every two Thursdays, from 4 pm to 5 pm, currently with zoom.

  • The case against perfection; Michael Sandel
  • The Section III of The Methods of Bioethics, John McMillan

Download the flyer (DOCX, 176 KB)

Thursday 25 February

Thursday 11 March

Thursday 25 March

Thursday 8 April

Thursday 22 April

Thursday 6 May

Thursday 20 May

Thursday 3 June

Thursday 17 June

The books have been chosen by the current IBME organizing committee of the Book Club: Tobias Eichinger, Supriya Subramani, Felicitas Holzer, Roberto Andorno, Jana Sedlakova, Katia Tikhomirova and Tania Manriquez, and Corine Mouton Dorey (coordinator).

Past events:

Fall semester 2020

Hans Jonas: The imperative of Responsibility. In Search of an Ethics for the Technological Age.

Spring semester 2020
We have read the following two books and have met the authors. For those interested, we have the recordings of the meetings with the author.

Dien Ho: A philosopher goes to the doctor - February 19, to April 22
Oliver Bennett: Cultures of optimism. The institutional promotion of hope. From April 28

B. The Journal Club
The Journal Club aims to give PhD students and other researchers the possibility to meet once a month to present a recent article in the field of biomedical ethics, and critically evaluate it.

These meetings allow participants to keep up to date with the literature, to exchange views on current issues in the field, and to improve their critical appraisal skills. Presentations last 15-20 minutes and are followed by approx. 20 minutes of discussion. Presenters will summarize a paper and give their own critical appraisal. The paper will be sent to the other participants in the Journal Club two weeks before the presentation.

C. ECT credit

The Journal and Book Club counts as an elective module for the PhD Program BmEL. Participants will be entitled to 0.5 ECTS per semester.


a) Regular attendance

b) Presenting a publication / respectively a book chapter, or writing a critical feedback of the Journal and Book Club meetings at the end of the semester.

c) Enrollment on the “Modul Buchung” platform of the IBME.

If you would like to participate, or if you need further information, please contact: