Neuro-Ethics- Technology (NET) Research Group

The NET group of the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine investigates research topics at the interfaces of ethics, neuroscience/-psychology and information technology. We use both empirical and normative methodologies in currently nine different research projects. The NET group unifies research projects of the former neuroethics group of the IBME with projects that have been developed in the research network ethics of monitoring and surveillance (NEMOS). NEMOS was part of the university research priority program ethics that has been concluded end of 2016.

Research NET group

Current research projects

  1. Research on Moral Intelligence components
  2. Family life, health & moral development
  3. Brain death and transplantation
  4. Serious Moral Games
  5. Ethics of neuromodulation
  6. Moral decision making and autonomous systems
  7. Big data ethics
  8. Visualizing morally loaded data
  1. Cybersecurity and ethics

NET research group leader is PD Dr. Markus Christen, Senior Research Fellow at the IBME and Managing Director of the UZH Digital Society Initiative.

Currently, two post-docs, two PhD students and six master students are involved in the NET group research projects along with collaborators of several international universities.

Publications (since 2010) are usually associated to one of the nine research projects; non-attributed publications are available here